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Why Modular Built

Why Choose Modular Built?

    • Reduced construction cost compared to site building & much shorter construction time-frame
    • Short construction time-frame leads to much reduced interim financing and insurance costs
    • Computer designed by drafting professionals testing snow loads, heat loss, etc.
    • Home is built in a controlled environment which prevents weathering and on-site vandalism.
    • Fewer sub-trades and associated coordination problems
    • Specialized equipment designed to reduce material loss, and assist in construction process.
    • Some processes build from the inside out to ensure the home is properly insulated and sealed.
    • Skilled, experienced, trades people on every step of the construction process.
    • Superior construction required for movement to the site.
    • Each phase is monitored by quality control personnel. As many as twelve inspection stages are performed on each home. i.e. electrical circuit tests, plumbing tests, water line tests, high pressure compressed air tests, walls, finishing, and exterior inspections, etc.
    • Transportation frame designed according to the type of home and foundation the home will be placed on. Transportation is arranged based on whether the home has a frame or will be placed on a perimeter foundation or a basement. .
    • Many manufacturers offer the ability to order custom built designs specifically to meet your family's needs including; energy performance, gyproc interior, textured ceilings, energy efficient windows, oak cabinets, whirlpool baths, garden doors, gas fireplaces, vinyl siding, skylights...
    • MHAPP Members build new homes based on the National Building Code including further requirements as determined by the Province the home will be located to.

More benefits regarding modular built housing

Another great option regarding Modular Built;

Garden Suites (Granny Flats)

A portable, self-contained dwelling without a basement. It is installed in the rear or side yard of a lot with an existing single-family house. This document sheds light on various issues pertaining to garden suites such as ownership, installation, portability, municipal permits, compliance with codes and standards, costs and municipal taxation.